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Indonesia has recently seen an explosion of digital textile printing, with significant sales of mid- to high-value machinery over the 18 months to mid-2015. The market is still relatively small in global terms but, with 7.1 million sqm* of digitally printed fabric already being produced, it is proving to be a country with interesting market dynamics.

Growth in Indonesia is likely to be the highest of any market in 2015, with production increasing by upwards of 35%* and with high-speed machines, used in both  sublimation-transfer and direct-to textile printing, increasing in number quickly as the market expands to meet demand.

WTiN, in association with the Indo Intertex exhibition will bring the popular WTiN Digital Textile Conference to Indonesia. The conference will cover the emerging trend for industrial-scale digital printing of textiles and its associated design and supply chain developments. It will explore the opportunities and barriers for printers wishing to enter this market or to introduce digital printing into traditional printing operations. 

There will also be an introduction to the most important machinery and ink developments seen at ITMA Milan.

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