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The US digital textile market is the 5th largest worldwide, currently with over 51 million sqm of fabric produced annually, or 5.4% of world production capacity.* In addition to the natural transition from analogue to digital technologies, growth is being stimulated by reshoring initiatives that are breathing new life into the wider US textile industry.

WTiN, in association with Texworld USA exhibition, which allows fabric manufacturers to connect with the top buyers in the US market, will organize the 1st edition of US Digital Textile Conference – focusing on the product development, sourcing and supply chain advantages of the digital process and on the key differences between analogue and digital that buyers need to know in specifying and sourcing.


Conference date: 13th July 2016

LocationJavits Convention Center, Texworld USA, NY

The conference will highlight the new creative and commercial opportunities that come with the digital route and explore the ways in which new developments in high-speed inkjet printing and faster, brighter and more versatile inks are making it economical for even mass-market brands and retailers to source fabric closer to their distribution base, with shorter product development times more effective inventory management. 





*Source WTiN Analytics Digital Textiles