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China is the world’s biggest producer of digitally printed textiles. 2015 saw a strong increase in the installed base of
digital printing capacity in China, as well as in the number of domestically manufactured textile machines. By the end of
the year almost 6,000* dedicated digital textile printers were recorded to be operating in the country, with a capacity to
produce just over 191 million sqm* of digitally printed fabric annually. In addition, there could be as many as 2,000 more
adapted roll-to-roll or flatbed machines being used in textile and garment printing applications. All this activity adds up
to substantial demand for both ink and transfer paper in the Chinese marketplace.

WTiN, in association with the TPF2017 digital printing exhibition – the leading international trade fair for digital textile printing in Shanghai – will organise the WTiN China Digital Textile Conference

The conference will focus on latest industry trends, Chinese and international print technology developments, inks and
other consumables. It will also include insights into the unique creative business opportunities provided by digital textile
printing technology, and into the supply chain advantages of digital printing over traditional analogue methods.



*Source: WTiN Intelligence: Digital Textiles